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Importance of Professional Landing Page Design

The main purpose of both PPC and Social Media Landing pages is to convert visitors in customers; whether it is to purchase a product, enter their email, or receive a service. Aside from this expert landing page design goes beyond conversion.

PPC landing pages basically lead visitors directly to what they clicked for: a product, promo, or offer. The use of a website's homepage as your "landing page" will often distract visitors by exploring your site and potentially losing their interest.  Instead of leading them into the top of your sales funnel you actually lead them astray. You can lose them easily this way.

What Makes A Great Landing Page?

One of the best things about PPC landing pages or landing pages, in general, is that they can perform different functions depending on your business’s needs. A PPC landing page is excellent for your online PPC ad campaigns. Each campaign would require a dedicated landing page.

Without a dedicated PPC landing page, you’ll experience higher bounce rate, low conversion rates, and overall low PPC campaign performance.

The end goal is to entice PPC visitors to convert. In order to make this possible, landing pages should have specific elements that as a whole, contribute directly or indirectly to visitor conversion. Continue reading to learn more about these special elements!

Landing Page Design Considerations

landing page needs to be visually pleasing without compromising effectiveness. Your product or service needs to sell on the very first visit. This means the visitor should identify your unique selling proposition. These items below should be easy to understand.

  • Visible branding like company name and logo

  • Product Offer / Details

  • Call-to-action buttons

  • Social Media Sharing Options

The landing page "flow" should be easy for the eyes and intuitive. Importantly, everything should be presented in a professional manner. Design should not be tacky, no clashing colors, and no chaotic layout.


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