Pay-Per-Click Advertising / Management

Pay-Per-Click Ad Strategy and Management

This is PPC advertising and management from the ground up. Raptor offers customized PPC campaigns and targeting strategies. Increase your traffic, website conversions, and revenue without spending a lot of time and wasted effort. Contact us now, and see results in a week.

Our PPC Process:

Keyword Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Bid Strategy

Re-marketing Setup (if necessary)

Placement Strategy

Conversion tracking & reporting

Daily Improvements

Benefits of Hiring A PPC Agency

Save Time & Money

You can, of course, train a member of your team to manage PPC campaigns but it would usually take a considerable amount of time. A good PPC management service can deliver even better results in just a fraction of the time and money it takes to train someone to manage PPC campaigns. 

The point is, you’ll need experts for your PPC campaigns to consistently produce excellent results. The main pitfall of DIY PPC campaign management is the impression of ease. PPC campaign management requires a lot of time, effort, resources, and aptitude in digital marketing. 

Amateurs only look for results while experts look for weaknesses. There are different contributing factors to a PPC campaign’s success – factors you can easily overlook. You need to search and select the right keywords, create an effective ad copy and landing page, tweak targeting settings, make a strong bidding strategy, and consistently monitor and analyze campaign results. More often than not, only PPC management services can provide you with consistent quality on all fronts.


At Raptor Internet Marketing, our passion is to provide innovative, highly functional, visually appealing, and feature-rich website designs as well as digital marketing campaigns that drive business growth. We promise to treat all of our "clients" as business partners. Together we will grow into something great. We hold ourselves to the highest regard of technical excellence. Every client, regardless of scope of project will be treated with the same excellent customer service, and can expect nothing but the best web design or digital marketing campaign. Our dedicated digital marketing staff will help your business grow to unthinkable potential.

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